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The Value Of Metabolism: A.K.A. Change

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Metabolism: Derived from the Greek word "metabole," literally meaning "a change," -ism relates to the word "concept." So, we could actually define metabolism as "the concept of change."

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"I've been hungrier and hungrier since I've been working out with you!" – Said a number of recent clients.

It is believed that with added muscle strength, the body's ability to break down foods becomes more efficient. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of weight loss if food intake is balanced correctly.

Because the "muscle cells need a lot of energy," a writer stated on WebMD, the muscles cause the body to burn a lot of calories, and in turn, stored fat begins to be used as the body’s source of energy.

As we add strength to the body, we should try to focus intensely on eliminating foods from our diets that we really don't need to consume (refined sugars, processed foods and other counterfeit nutrition products), in order to burn those additional pounds.

A great way to add strength is through vigorous exercise. You'll want to start your workout program in the "foundational fitness" phase, where you will develop proper strength, control, balance, and coordination. This will set you up to excel in the next level phases like hypertrophy, plyometrics, speed and agility, etc. And as you build strength, your metabolism will increase and give you a helping hand in losing weight.

In mid-2016, I went on a ten and a half day water fast, where I'd only drink gallons of crystal geyser and eat watermelon sporadically. Prior to the fast, I weighed about 185 pounds. At about the eighth day or so, I weighed about 167 to 168 pounds and had clear skin as if it was renewed (this is just an example, and not something I'm recommending you do). I'd like you to understand that because I've been an athlete with plenty of lean muscle, my metabolic rate was efficient. As I continued my day to day physical activities, I expended a lot of energy, therefore I lost weight rapidly. A renowned author by the name, Myles Munroe, who sold forty best sellers once said, "eating is habitual", and it's not necessary as frequently as we think.

Most people that I notice losing weight, in specific, body fat, usually

adds muscle and in this case adding muscle causes a more rapid

change and assists the bodies fat reduction process.

In a study back in March of 2012 nineteen men were placed in one

of two groups - one group that fasted from dawn to sunset (No eating before training), and one group that was instructed to eat before training. The subjects underwent anthropometric measurements (body circumference measurements),

and the group which fasted experienced reduction in both body fat

and body weight.

The rest of the subjects stayed around the same. -

This indicates that the muscle cells had the opportunity to use plenty of energy from stored away body fat, thus, reducing body fat and body weight altogether.

Over time with depleted body fat, the body will begin using muscle for energy. Because the body has to have an energy source to remain alive. There comes a point when not eating can be dangerous.

I cannot authorize the above type of fasting, but I will recommend choosing

days to eat light (more quality vegetables and water) and exercise more. In turn, you'll lose more pounds.

Inquire your primary care doctor before diving into

an altering health regimen.

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