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Modern Day Man: "Mentally Stimulated, Physically Weakening."

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

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Bone density is on the decline due to insufficient physical exercise.

Research proves again and again that we are becoming physically weaker than those who lived before us, and it's easy to perceive this fact.

While the way we perform our jobs has drastically changed, men still want to be counted on for any physical task, and man dislikes knowing he cannot take on that physical assignment.

Failing to get the job done is something he just won't let happen too easily. That kind of mentality has unfortunately wandered its way into video games and computers.

Information was dug up on US gamers, and in a TED report it was said that, "5 million men in the US, in fact, are spending more than 40 hours a week playing video games - the equivalent of a full time job!" I believe this is because most men hate to lose at anything they are involved in, and they innately "like to get the job done."

With social productivity evolving into jobs that are predominated with brain work and very little requirement for physical work, we observe this trend beginning to impair our critical physical productive capacity.

Quitting was not an option for the men of the hunters and gatherers era, because that would have meant no food. That same "no quitting" mentality has been employed throughout time in order to obtain what is being sought after.

Today's gatherers are enduring through tough times for the lack of provision, and this requiring a good measure of strength to endure.

We know that in the wild, animals didn't approach hunters saying, "You got me, I give up," or "it's on the house!" Hunters had to fight for their food and they still do to this day. Unfortunately, as animals have lost up to 90% of their natural habitat, resulting in a huge decline in their numbers, hunters continue to struggle for survival. Again, an incredible display of resilience.

In modern times, more men are lacking physical strength, and it's becoming a growing concern to our nation (that in years to come, the US will be populated by a bunch of weaklings). This was unknown to generations passed.

An article in the daily mail was written about how "human leg bones have grown weaker since farming was invented."

Research also provides information that; "Europeans who lived at various times over the past 33,000 years with a more stationary lifestyle, appears to have led to thinner and more brittle bones, compared to our ancestors." -

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“In the human body, there are special cells called osteoclasts (which literally means Osteo- referring to "bones", and Clastic- meaning "broken in pieces" or "to break"). These cells may have gotten their name from their actions, they eat away at old or damaged bones, because the bones have become useless.

To the contrary, there also exists “osteoblasts,” cells that form new bone. These cells can be activated by healthy stress to the body through physical activities like weightlifting, walking or hiking.”

“MUSCLE MEDICINE” By Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly and Joseph Hooper

We must keep our bodies physically active, for it evidently enhances our capacity to thrive greatly. We must learn what types of movements are best for the human body and which exercises are safe for developing physical strength, and when moderate to vigorous exercises should be applied.

A writer stated on that "today’s man is not only more sedentary than ever before, but compared to men of yon (distant time ago, but memorable), we're practically enfeebled." Ouch!

The big names, the celebrities – both men and women, stay active.

On, an article was written about entertainers and their thoughts on their experience with exercise, Carrie Underwood said, "I'm in love with it! It's hard, but it really works."

And in, it was stated that Vin Diesel keeps his body in top shape so he can perform his own stunts in movies like “Fast 8” and “The return of Xander Cage."

We can take our all efficient and well-designed bodies to the next level when we engage in physical fitness and exercise the right way. Building strength through exercise is a necessity for modern times if we want to physically overcome life's obstacles and avoid the threat to bone health and density. We also increase our chances in warding off obesity by enhancing our body’s ability to break down foods along with using stored fat for energy. So, add strength exercise routines to your schedule and become more active and let's get our bone strength and physical ability back!

If you'd like to learn how you can get started with training, and become more physically active in a safe and more effective way, please inquire at SpecialtyFitnessPros@Gmail.Com.

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